MEDA302 – Proposal and Schedule

Following on from last week’s post about my MEDA proposal, I’ve still not had any time to create a prototype or experiment much but I have thought of a lot about different ways I could film and also what stories I want to tell about myself.

I’m hoping to use class time in particular for a lot of my filming, as it will be easy to access equipment I don’t already have and getting my classmates to participate will be easier.

Over the next few weeks I hope to try a few different techniques and story telling and really just sort of feel around for what will work. Ask friends to read from something I’ve written and then film them up close, or a video of me and they have to repeat what they remember.

After the break I really want to have a solid idea and to be able to film it. Preferably over a two week period which will allow time to edit and perfect. I have to have everything complete and practically ready to go before the end of semester as I’m going overseas for two and a half weeks and won’t have much time before we have to set up.

So to summarise:

  • Experiment with different filming styles
  • Experiment with what stories work better
  • Experiment with what presentation is best
  • Finalise plan and film over two week period
  • Edit and perfect final work

The experimental stage may also be usable in the final stage depending on what I finally go with!

What I really want to do is get started, perhaps I can write out a few pieces and even record something so I can instantly start using it.

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