MEDA301 – Final Artwork

It’s been a very long time since my project proposal for this task. Too long in my opinion, it’s very easy to get lost along the way trying to perfect something or come up with something good enough. Even my progress posts along the way have veered in very different directions which personally, I don’t believed helped at all. Experimentation is good and can unlock new doors, but when you come in every week with a new idea and get shot down, it is hard to make traction, you are just constantly going back to the drawing board.

So in that spirit, my last idea is the idea that stuck! Origami paper boats, my last count was about 80 of them. So many religions and funeral rituals throughout history have included the element of crossing the river, crossing over, sailing or going on a journey and I wanted to incorporate this into my artwork. Similarly I wanted to distinguish between the difference of the written word against the typed and formal. In my artwork, the last statements of the victims is handwritten, having handwritten them all, there is a personal and deep feel to them all. On the other hand, the crime of these victims is a typed up formal document, which altogether has a very different feel.

My only regret with the final product is that I did not have enough time or resource to make more, and that it is not easy to read what the actual words say, you simply see some key ones. It was for this reason I included the QR code, so that the audience would have a chance to explore these lives, it was also a way in which to credit where I got my information.

In retrospect of the subject, I think I would have preferred a group piece as an alternative to this. We have never worked in a group capacity in this subject, and although group assessments can often be tiresome, I think it would have been a beneficial experience for as all.

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