MEDA301 – Assessment 3 – Progress Post 2

Following from my initial idea and previous progress post, I’ve continued deeper into the presentation of my piece.

What I want my audience to do at the heart of my work is read the words that have been written and then form their own opinion of it. Or at the very least, provoke a conversation about the truth, human justice and the juxtaposition of sentence and morality.

Some recent experiments of mine took the shape of human figures and warping the words in the shape of the human. I then projected this on the wall. Initially I was simply wanting it to be a projection, but I noticed that when people sat in front of it, there was an interesting interpretation as the words are projected onto the viewer.

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 2.24.45 PM

However, this experiment veered away from the words true meaning and what I believe to be the actual work itself. With the words warped as they were, you couldn’t see beyond the shape itself. The figure became the artwork and not the words and information itself. This iteration was an important learning curve I believe, where I discovered that the text is the artwork and its message needs to be conveyed in such a way that they are not lost in all the ‘other’.

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