BCM325 – Livetweeting the Future

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Livetweeting is far harder than what I initially thought it would be. Although over time, I worked out a rhythm that worked best for me as we tweeted our thoughts throughout the screenings each week!

The first few weeks of live tweeting were perhaps the hardest, and I think this is reflected in the collections of my tweets, of which their are notably fewer. In particular, Ghost in the Shell (1995), which I had never seen before and has a lot of content that needed to be digested throughout watching it. Especially for the first week, trying to get the feel of tweeting continuously as well as responding to others was difficult with the calibre of the film.

Even in the second week of live tweeting and the screening of Westworld (1973), I had a bit of difficulty, but the pace of the film was much different to the first week and allowed a little more time in-between action in order to respond and reflect.

I believe from week 3 onwards I got into a rhythm of tweeting. Being in the second class of the day I got to see what film or episode we would be watching when I woke up in the morning, thanks to the morning classes tweets. This let me doing some initial research before going to class, becoming familiar with the content and collecting some images and gifs to tweet with later on. I also began to get into habit of drafting a few tweets beforehand, which definitely takes the pressure of tweeting in the moment. Some of my most popular tweets also happened to be drafted! I also noticed that I found it easier to use my phone to tweet as I was a faster typer and the medium is better for live tweeting. My laptop would also lag a lot with twitter so I began to use it mostly for reading other people’s tweets and liking or retweeting them.

Although we all had to use the hashtag #BCM325 in order to communicate as a class, I began to use the hashtag of whatever  film or television show we were watching as well. This way, looking back on my tweets, it was easier to understand what was happening. I also think that for my other followers, or anyone who happens to look at my tweets at a later date, it will make more sense what I am discussing with the hashtag there.

My individual tweets were usually a mixture of humorous comments, deep reflection of the themes of the screening and also just odd commentary of what we were watching. I was fairly adept with liking and retweeting but communicating with others in the class was definitely something I could improve on. Although I did manage to get into a few conversations regarding the film, quite a few were with my friends in the class. But reading everyone else’s thoughts and insights definitely improved my own viewing of the films.

I had not seen any of these films before, except the first Black Mirror episode but in that case, I had not seen the ending which was arguably the most important part! I think this affected my tweeting of more serious content and reflection of the themes. If I had watched them again, with the content and storyline already in my mind I think it would be easier to tweet about my deeper understanding. But viewing these screenings, especially in the light of what we discuss in the subject, is very eye-opening. Looking at these films not just as entertainment but on how they reflect the culture of their time, and what they see for the future.


Ghost in the Shell (1995) – Week 1


Westworld (1973) – Week 2


Johnny Mnemonic (1995) – Week 3


The Matrix (1999) – Week 4


Black Mirror – S02E01 – Be Right Back – Week 5


Robot and Frank (2012) – Week 6


Black Mirror S03E06 – Hated in the Nation – Week 7


Blade Runner (1982) – Week 8

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