BCM300 – Initial Individual Game Ideas

Throughout our most recent lesson, we had a go at brainstorming ideas for an individual game. Through the intense 10 minute – 10 games activity I came up with a range of historically based themes. Including Alexander’s Conquest, Boudicca Begins and Gladiator Showdown. The ancient history theme really stuck with me as it has a range of resources and real life events to draw from, but not necessarily turning it into a fully historically accurate game. This of course would depend on what audience, and their age, I decide to direct the game at.

The Floor is Lava‘ was mentioned within the class and it drew me to the idea of a volcano, namely a volcano erupting. Hence “Escape the Volcano” or perhaps “Volcano Run”! The initial idea would be literally to outrun a volcano and get out of the city to safety. But along the way there are chance card and cards that can hinder and help you. But as much as the age is a race to the end, the winner is based on points. The first to safety gains more points than someone who gets to safety after. However along the way you can gain and lose points. You can stop to help other people, gaining more points. Or maybe, in order to get to the end faster, you make a choice that means you lose a few points. As a player you have to work out what will work best for you and mean that even if you get to the end last, you will have the most points. But players have to remember the oncoming lava flow which slowly catches up with players and could mean elimination!

Lens of Transformation Card

Using the lens of transformation in terms of game design, I looked at how the game would change players for better or for worse. This is where the points system came in, in order to make players think more about the decisions they make along the way and what kind of survival they believe in.

I think the game could be a fast paced, family board game, something that is played with the element that you do need to go fast or you won’t win! As such I think it moves away from the more heavily historic based games and into the lighter family friendly board games!

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