MEDA301 – Research Opportunities

As the field of art and design is so broad there is a large variety of opportunities available both career wise as well as personal artistic endeavours. Design itself can be used architecturally, in designing furniture, the design of other household objects as well as for entertainment or business. Depending on how you approach these different avenues, there can be artistic  intent behind it.

Many businesses, not just graphic design ones, require a digital consultant or someone with an eye for design aesthetic. As such there are a range of internships that would give experience in the field of commercial design. There is an internship with the ABC that is a great opportunity for a post grad student to work in the field of digital media employing design and the media skills. There are also volunteer opportunities with businesses such as The Cancer Council. These experience opportunities I believe are quite important on building a portfolio for further job opportunities. Portfolios and showreels are an imperative tool for artists and designers as employers and galleries will be looking at a body of work rather than a CV of education and jobs.

Another opportunity in my field is more self-driven. Freelance work allows for more flexibility in what you wish to partake in and there are incentives in starting your own business. Crowdfunding is also a way to create something that interests you whilst also making an income.

I’ve recently started my own RedBubble account to share my own work. Although it is currently a small collection, its a way of encouraging me to practice and experiment in my field and then have the confidence to share it, even if it does not make a profit. There are many platforms, such as Etsy, that help share your individual work over the internet. This allows an interest and following to potentially grow, which can be very beneficial to furthering your career. Utilisation of the free resource of social media as an advertising platform is also important with freelance work.

There is also a number of competitions and opportunities to be creative and get noticed in your field. There was the recent BIC lighter design opportunity which was advertised across Facebook and included a $10, 000 prize. In the past I’ve also seen a skateboard design opportunity. These sorts of opportunities not only allow you to use your own ideas and creative influences but has large exposure and generally a worthwhile prize that can be helpful furthering your opportunities. Additionally, many of these competitions also result in a physical copy of your work, which sometimes leads to commercial use.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 12.13.14 PM.png
BIC Lighter design comptetion

The research opportunities in the field of design and art is vast and there is also potential to both work commercially as well as further your own creative and artistic ideals.



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