MEDA301 – Defining my Practice

I’ve always had difficulty trying to define everything that I do creatively both within my degree and outside of it. It is hard enough to describe my ‘practice’ to those questioning my degree. Leading me to a default explanation that what I do involves “film and photography and design etc”. A very benign description of what is actually a complex set of skills.

At the beginning of my degree I had the idea that filmmaking was my ultimate goal. Throughout the past two years I’ve dabbled in the field, both in production and post production. I also have had a hand at photography, a relatively new experimentation but something I’ve definitely improved at and now have a decent knowledge of. Though I’ve enjoyed learning all of these aspects and am more confident, my most enjoyable experience is working in design. I began using photoshop in early High School and have continued to use it since, majority for personal projects of my own. The skill set i’ve gained from learning Photoshop has always been a pride of mine because it not only helped me adapt to other editing software throughout my course but it allows me to feel confident in designing innumerable products and ideas with ease.

Design doesn’t have the constraints of only being able to work with the moving image, or only with online media, or even only as an artist. The aspects involved in digital design lets me use my skills for anything from posters and artistic pieces to t-shirt designs. Now that I have also acquired skills in photography and filmmaking, I can combine them all in any way I should need. I like having control of a project and creating an idea from scratch and imagining it into creation. As a designer, perhaps a multimedia one, I’m allowed this control over what I create. Designing also lets me experiment with ease and even years after I first starting using the programs and tools involved, I’m still learning new skills and ways of doing things, which only serves to increase the quality of my work.

Reflecting on projects I’ve done in the past, my favourite part of them has been the aesthetic of them, how they’ve physically appeared to the viewer. Photography works I’ve done for MEDA, were enjoyable as I aimed to arrange the pieces and edit them into something I thought looked visually pleasing. Similarly, in filmmaking and post production work, font use and the symbolism of the intro and credit design were usually my favourite aspects. Recently I’ve been creating a lot of poster designs of different genres, as both a way to gain more experience and skill as well as purely for enjoyment.

Below are some examples of work I’ve made recently for enjoyment, employing methods from tutorials and putting a personal spin on them .


I’ve never really seen myself as an ‘artist’ although over the years, what I have produced could be considered ‘art’. I think design has so many applications in so many other fields that it still leaves the door open for experimentation with how I can apply my skills to different areas. Designing to me is all about aesthetic, experimenting, learning and being able to see my creative ideas come to fruition. Something I struggle a lot more with when attempting other mediums and fields. Hopefully I can apply my practice to proper art making and create a depth to my works, whether it be thought provoking or to convey a message ¬†thoroughly.

Medadada exercise

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