MEDA201 Cameraless Film Project

My film came about quite by accident. Using the typewriter I decided to put down a few strips of clear leader and tape it to a piece of A4 paper. From there I used the typewriter and typed across the paper with random letters. At first it was very random and then I tried to put in a few more patterns and repeat letters to create an effect. Occasionally the leader going through the typewriter would bend and overlap, this created a cool effect which when put through the projector  looked very interesting. I had a look at a few different examples such as creative coding from Vera Mulner, “Letters to my Mother” as well her squares.

Rhythm to me reminds me of music and music is a series of repetitions and flowing from one element to another. I’m hoping my piece replicated this idea of a silent song, the letters aiding it, like letters in a composition. I made a plan with a pattern for my letters. I then typed this up in class. The end result I hope is quite good and gives the audience a sense of a silent song.


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