Experimentation and Ideas

Week 2’s tutorial had me sitting at a typewriter for the better part of the lesson typing onto the film attempting to create an interesting pattern of some kind. It’s a slow process and without any plan in mind it take awhile to form something tangible.

By accident, the film would sometimes get caught in the typewriter and would overlap one another. This created some interesting effects which I actually rather appreciated. The ink does not stand out very well and has a habit of smudging but I believe this adds to the overall effect of the entire piece.

Inspired by previous students work’s in class as well as Creative Coding by Ver Mulner including her squares and “Letters to my mother”. Creative coding is often about repetition and the like. Typewriters themselves use a lot of repetition and it is with this in mind that the initial ideas for my work are coming together. Most people attribute rhythm to music and music itself is always about repeating a pattern of different notes. I thought i could do the same with a typewriter and then in post production be able to formulate something that represents this idea I have in my head.

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