MEDA201 – Film’s Origin Story

Experimentation with film has created a variety of results since it’s first use. maxresdefault.jpg

The first film we watched in the Week 1 tutorial gave this very clear idea of movement, and flowing from one colour to another and one blob to another. Very fluid in its creation it was quite mesmerising at times, even if at other times it was less impressive. Though no clear objects can be deciphered, there is very definite shapes that bend and blur with one another. Straight lines curve and become something else. I felt this notion of creation and transformation when viewing this work. The technique I believe they would have used would either be scratching away painstakingly to create other shapes or perhaps simply painting or using texta over the top of it. Either way, it was definitely a mesmerising piece and the rhythm of the colours and shapes bending and changing is definitely evident if a little erratic.

The second film we viewed was very different. Various letters filter across the film in patterns that begin to overlap one another creating a chaotic scene. Words on their own can also be viewed and the audience is left trying to piece these odd words together in order to find some meaning in the chaos. The rhythm in this is less clear I believe as I found myself more intent on deciphering the letters and patterns rather than feeling a fluidity within it. I’m not exactly sure how the artist would have achieved this, perhaps just by sticking something on top of the film or maybe they created indents using a typewriting or maybe using a stamp. It’s unclear but definitely very interesting to view. It is evident that the words flow downwards, which in some way creates a sense of movement, and also shows the limitation of the media.


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