MEDA102 Assessment 3 – Repost

The initial idea for my artwork was something I had noticed when using Instagram. Instead of posting their own photo, many people would simply “regram” or just repost another person’s photo as their own. In doing this they would diminish the quality of the image and in turn I believe this is a comment upon society and our determination to have attention, no matter the cost.

Working with this initial idea, I compared it to some works that have been discussed in class. Namely Alvin Lucier’s “I am Sitting in a Room” and Canzona’s “I am Sitting in a Video Room” reproduction of this original.


Lunier’s work begins with a singular speech that is then replayed over and over again slightly out of sync until the sound becomes this surreal, unearthly tone. Canzona, on the other hand, puts a video on Youtube and then rips it off youtube to the repost it. Gradually the quality becomes worse and worse until it becomes something more and you can hear almost water like sounds.


My work resembles that of Canzona however its creation is not as strictly technical. Using Instagram I posted one photo which I then screen shot, zoomed in and posted another Instagram post of it.

This continued on and gradually the image diminished.


I repeated this process 200 times. I could have continued to see the results but the presentation of this many images would be very difficult and costly.

Eventually I reached images such as this:


The purpose behind this work was to comment on how social media takes away the personality and originality in work until all that is left is a copy of a copy. The technological generation do not care for quality or originality but instead for the attention they get from presenting themselves to the world.


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