MEDA101 Assessment 3 – Establishing Place

In establishing place, there is a distinction between place and space. Place is a specific pinpoint whereas space is the stories and time within the locality. Listening to Jasper’s Soundscape, I was absorbed with the story behind the powerful voiceover, ‘Dad without a son; son without a dad’.

To me it was an absent relationship between father and son, which I attempted to convey in my project. ‘Free Matt Burston’ gave the image of being trapped with the only freedom being to wander Fairy Meadow. One of my favourite films, Hugo (2011) by Martin Scorsese, includes the motifs of gears and machines to convey the underlying message. It also has the ability to establish an environment impressively through image and sound. This formed my use of the skateboard and soccer ball as symbols of childhood innocence and the locked doors as containment.

In the Donnie Darko (2001) opening scene, a bike is used to illustrate space, which I replicated in skateboard riding.

To tie the story together, I have small glimpse-like flashbacks, used in many films to give the story depth and motive. As a novice with the editing program, it was sometimes difficult to create the image I imagined, the story of a lonely boy in Fairy Meadow.

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