MEDA101 Assessment 2

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A Spatial Portrait is definitively ambiguous. Listening to Charna Lee’s soundscape ‘Suburban Night’, this uneasy, creepy feeling pervades as well as a metallic tinniness, as if underwater or trapped. This inspired me to photograph the innumerable signs in my area of Fairy Meadow. My ‘Spatial’ portrait became a series about a lack of space and control. The warnings and directions portrayed this imprisonment added to the eeriness of night photography. I took inspiration from the series we have encountered including “Water Towers” by Bernd and Hilla Becher and Ed Rusha’s “Twenty Six Gas Stations”. In both, random objects that would otherwise be overlooked become collectively significant. Trent Parke’s ability to use vibrancy and contrast to draw attention in his series “Welcome to Nowhere” also stimulated my work. My images took quite a lot of editing due to the quality of the original photo, especially the night time ones, however this uneasy sensation of being trapped is translated from the soundscape into the series.

Individual Images:

Charna Lee’s Soundscape:

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