MEDA101 Assessment 1

Suburbia represents a monotony and predictability in lifestyle. My area for sound recording, in the outskirts of Fairy Meadow, follows this dreariness and it is this concept I wanted to capture in my soundscape. Predictable sounds that you would expect to hear in the streets of a suburb, cars driving by, the odd dog barking and the call of birds, each appear in my soundscape, however, they become distorted and the speed slowed, parallel to the way suburbia slows down the hustle of the city. The glass sound at the beginning and the echo that follows into an almost alien sound helps to initially break up the monotony but eventually becomes this droning sound unheard of in suburbia. I used this in order to represent the way you begin to filter out all these other sounds until it becomes this monotonous blur, much the same as suburbia itself.

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