BCM320 – ‘Laughs in Japan Podcast’

Our group digital artefact and auto ethnography investigating Comedy in Japan from Eliza Appel, Blake Foggo and Caroline Morely: https://soundcloud.com/mr4eva/laughs-in-japan-podcast Podcast: 0:45-3:05 - Takeshi's Castle (Caroline) 3:05-6:50 - Reflection on Takeshi's Castle 6:51-8:52 - Mecha-Mecha Iketeru (Eliza) 8:53-11:40 - Reflection on Mecha-Mecha Iketeru 11:45-14:37 - My Boss My Hero (Blake) 14:38-17:05 - Reflection on My... Continue Reading →


BCM302 – Peer Review – Mr4Eva

THE PITCH I’ve been following the BCM302 project from Blake Foggo, a Twitch variety channel (Mr4Eva). At the initial pitch, Blake wanted to continue working on his YouTube channel and perhaps expand his audience. However, the next week, he had completely changed his plan and was moving in on the Twitch avenue. He had streamed... Continue Reading →

MEDA302 – Proposal and Schedule

Following on from last week's post about my MEDA proposal, I've still not had any time to create a prototype or experiment much but I have thought of a lot about different ways I could film and also what stories I want to tell about myself. I'm hoping to use class time in particular for a... Continue Reading →

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